Download Shareit for Android

Download Shareit for Android

Download ShareIt
Download ShareIt

Shareit allows you to transfer files from a variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iphone, mac, and computers. ShareIt utilizes a direct Wi-Fi connection, Shareit can be used to send files, photos, videos, and applications from one device to another. Download Shareit for Android.
Send photos, videos, apps, and more excellent feature of Shareit are transferring files between your phone and computer users device. By using ShareIt you can share music, videos, photos, documents, and applications from one device to another.

ShareIt does not use public Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth to transfer data. Instead, ShareIt creates a wireless connection directly with small networks. Once connected with other devices, users can receive and send files. You can also create a backup by using this ShareIt application.
ShareIt can be used on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and other devices.
Easy to use.



Download via GOOGLE DRIVE
Download via GOOGLE DRIVE


Installation guide

  1. Go to Setting > Security > Turn On Unkown Sources

    Installation Guide APK Files
    APK Files Installation GuideĀ 
  2. Select APK file > Install > Done

    Installation Guide APK File
    APK File Installation Guide



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